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The Complete Idiot's Guide To Green Building and Remodeling
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This guide helps environmentally conscious people make real-world decisions about building or remodeling a home. Readers will find information on how to save money by going green when building or remodeling, how to find the right green integrated system design, how to choose heating and cooling equipment, and how to save money on water.

- Focuses on the design integration of green materials
- Residential and commercial green building will grow from 2% of the U.S.
construction market in 2005 to as much as 10% in 2010 (NAHB)
- More than 80 regional and local green building programs are in place in the U.S. and more are being promoted in the private sector

My co-author, John Barrows, won an award for home building. Congratulations, John!

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Monday evening [May 18, 2010] named John Barrows of J. Barrows, Inc., as its Green Building Individual Advocate of the Year. The association honored Barrows at the 12th Annual NAHB National Green Building Conference in Raleigh, N.C.

“The dedication that John has shown to sustainable, environmentally-responsible home building is truly commendable,” said Eric Borsting, chair of the NAHB Green Building Subcommittee. “He not only incorporates environmentally-friendly practices whenever possible, he continues to educate himself and others on new techniques and concepts to make homes more energy-efficient and earth-friendly for years to come.”

The Complete Idiot's Guide To Success As A Property Manager
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Property managers often lose sight of advancing their careers because they get buried in the details of labor-intensive, day-to-day management. This guide helps the harried professional keep priorities straight with: advice on education, certifications and licenses; an overview of property management skills; information about regulations, finances, taxes, safety codes; advice on time management, prioritizing duties, and supervising staff; and how to start a property management business.

- Author is an experience certified Property Manager

- Easy, accessible, jargon-free style

- Concrete advice about everything from emergencies to boiler maintenance to building finances