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Healthy Travel: Don't Travel Without It!
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Whether you're an occasional or frequent traveler, you need to be aware of-and ready for-all the possible complications of travel. Nothing can ruin a trip like an illness, accident, or medical emergency. But many of these situations are preventable, or at least manageable, with knowledge and planning. Smart travelers are those who do their "health homework" ahead of time. "Healthy Travel" is a concise, well-organized handbook for travelers of all stripes. It keeps you on top of the seemingly countless details that can accompany a trip, such as: How to avoid injury, infection, DVT, and disease-carrying bugs; How and where to exercise en route; How to prevent identity theft; How to transport medications and medical equipment safely and legally; How to deal with motion sickness, jet lag, and even hospitalization. This book shows you how to handle challenges such as utilizing travel clinics, keeping your kids safe and entertained, and traveling with a disability. It guides you through all of the necessary preparations, from paperwork and packing to vaccinations and home security, and provides practical instructions and useful checklists to get you organized and on your way. Health and safety are paramount concerns for today's traveler, and careful preaparation can make all the difference in the world. "Healthy Travel" helps take the work out of traveling so you can have fun on your vacation or focus on the business of your work-related trip.

Birth Defects
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Explains what birth defects are, efforts to treat and prevent them, and the diagnosis of genetic and environmentally caused birth defects.